I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. Crafting and creating new ways for me to manage in the kitchen are passions I want to share – mostly to make life easier. Simply click on the project image and download a PDF file or view the “How To” post.

Food Journal

No matter what diet you’re trying out, keeping a journal will help you see if you’re feeling better. Organized visually with circles for plates, you will easily keep track of portions and ratios. And, your inner creative can let lose – grab your markers or pens! Add notes or mark if you’ve pooped that day, whatever else you may need to know positive changes are on the way.




Paper Crafts 

The best Christmas gift ever!

A fun way to decorate for any celebration, paper chain shapes are an old fashioned way to make something pretty out of paper. My Grandma made me some one day while she was babysitting my little brother and me. It looked like magic, and I couldn’t help but want to make my own. Thankfully, she was happy to show me!








My kids are finally old enough to craft beside me! My son wanted to participate in his school craft fair and earn some money to buy Christmas gifts. So, I came up with these toilet-paper roll owl ornaments and think that kids aged 5 and up will have fun making them!

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