The Danger Of Just Enough Information: MTHFR gaining attention

by holli on May 6, 2015

I finally feel like I’ve figured out my MTHFR gene mutation solution to avoid constant muscle spasms and great voids of energy.  And, the topic is finally hitting mainstream sites like The Stir’s “Why Some Moms Should Skip Prenatal Vitamins.” The article brings MTHFR to light, but is dangerously negligent in providing useful information and leads any headline skimmers grossly astray.

The fact is that we all need more vitamins and minerals than we can eat in a healthy diet. And, we know just enough to consume vitamins and supplements that may do more harm than good. That’s why it’s vital to consult with a doctor or health care provider AND to pay attention to how your body is feeling.

When I say that we know enough to do more harm than good, I’m talking about such articles like the one The Stir published. We now know that the Mother’s health is vital to a healthy kid, so not taking vitamins seems neglectful, to be perfectly honest. The frustrating thing is that the medical community is still arguing about the MTHFR gene thing. Not all of them are in agreement about what and how having one or all copies of the MTHFR mutation affect the body and pregnancy. So, yeah, the standard over-the-counter Prenatal vitamin may not be good for everyone, specifically those with MTHFR.

Some people are claiming that essential oils will heal the body’s ability to absorb vital vitamins like Folic Acid, and others claim you can do it by making your own liver pills. While I’m a huge proponent of natural, plant based medicine, I’ve personally found that lab created vitamins are what my body needs.

And, I have had a number of readers ask me to specifically share with them which vitamins I take. The problem I have with sharing that information is that no two bodies are the same. My MTHFR mutation is a single copy of C677T is coupled with Endometriosis. Many others with MTHFR have other health issues with Thyroid and Adrenals or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think it’s vital for us to encourage each other, but also to do so with caution. What works for me may not be what will work for you. We all need to ask more questions and be our own advocate.

All that said, I will share what vitamins and minerals I’m taking (BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME, AND I’M NOT A DOCTOR NOR DO I PLAY ONE ON TV):

Methyl Guard Plus (methylated B-vitamins) – I alternate between taking 2 capsules or just 1, depending on my period (If I take two on my period I get headaches). With that, I take 50mg (over the counter store brand) Zinc in the mornings. I always take those before noon, because otherwise, I have trouble sleeping, which is probably due to the Methyl Guard and nothing to do with the Zinc.
At night, before bed, I take 2 capsules Magnesium Glycinate (120mg) includes 10mg Vit. C, and 2 Potassium Citrate (99mg each tablet). What I have found is that if I don’t take the Methyl Guard in the mornings, it seems like my body doesn’t absorb the Magnesium at all and I get muscle spasms again in my arms and legs.
Also, I have found that if I drink more than 2 cups of coffee or have more than 2 cups of wine or servings of alcohol that it affects me badly. I have had to find this out the hard way and usually avoid drinking more than a cup of either stimulant.
And, I am happy to share that it sounds like getting tested is becoming more accepted and less costly since I started this journey almost 2 years ago!



p.s. Here’s the source article from The Stirs dangerously short post, which links to the research paper. And, a reminder that it’s important to do the research and talk with your doctor/health care provider!

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