Simplifying for sanity during the holidays

by holli on December 16, 2013

Last year's toilet paper crafted owl ornaments!

Last year’s toilet paper crafted owl ornaments!

We’re within arms reach of Christmas day, and I have decided to cut my to-do list down as reality of life keeps taking more of my “crafty” time away. You see, ever since I was 13, I’ve kept my own tradition of making ornaments for all of my relatives on my Mom’s side of the family. Last year, I included my kids in making the cute toilet paper roll Owl ornaments. Crafting is a true joy for me most of the time, but as the clock keeps magically moving faster, I cannot keep up. So, I’m taking action and trying out the art of letting go: no hand made ornaments by me this year.

This year, I have finally decided to simply for my own sanity.

As chance would have it, I found myself marveling at my kids’ school craft fair when I saw some cute acorn felted ornaments my daughter’s teacher had made. It was a long day after little sleep and I was cranky. But, when I saw those acorn ornaments, I knew I had to let go and allow myself to buy them.

Home made wrapping paper!

Home made wrapping paper!

And then, I needed to wrap a gift this weekend, and instead of stressing out about the fact that we don’t have wrapping paper yet, I asked my prolific illustrator (aka 5-year-old) to color on some brown parcel paper. Adding a red ribbon, the package looked perfect. Right then and there I decided to cross buying wrapping paper off my list. We’ll use the brown paper we already have, and doll it up with pretty ribbon and doodles in crayon.

As much as I wanted to make some yummy vanilla-lemon body scrubs and even started making my own vanilla sugar for it, I’ve crossed it off my list. I don’t want to be up until 2am making gifts when I end up with a sleep-deprived hang over of body aches.

Instead, I’m going to keep on simplifying here and there so that when the family gatherings happen, I can enjoy long conversations and good food and feel good at the end of the evening.

How are you doing? Have you found a happy balance during this bustling time of the year?


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