Recipe: Savory Carrot Noodles in 10 minutes!

by holli on February 5, 2012

Two days during the week, both of my kids are in school during lunch. This has been our routine since September, so I’m still adjusting to the change, and one thing that I’ve fallen into is the bad habit of not cooking food for myself. I’ll eat an apple or some left overs, but not a real meal.

While writing about the need for Mamas to feed themseleves almost a month ago, I realized I needed to do just that on my “off lunches” so to speak. I tend to cram my free time with chores and errands. I decided to break the cycle before it becomes a really bad habit. That is how this recipe was born: the need to eat a warm, tasty meal in a few minutes before running to pick up my daughter from school.

Recipe: Savory Carrot Noodles


– 2 Carrots

– 1 Zucchini

– Pinch of Dried Thyme

– About 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

– Pinch Salt

Cut the Zucchini in half, length-wise, then dice into small half circles. Heat a pan on high, add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, then add the Zucchini. This will steam them quickly without sticking to the pan, or over cooking.

While they sit getting cooked, peel the Carrots length-wise, creating “Carrot Noodles” – make as many as you want, and stir the Zucchini occasionally – best to keep an eye on the water level in the pan, add water as needed. Once the Zucchini starts to look a little transparent, add the Carrot Noodles, turn off the heat, drizzle with Olive Oil, Thyme and Salt, stir all together for a minute or two, just enough time to warm the Carrots and let the seasoning coat the vegetables. Serve and enjoy!


Additions: Chicken, Turkey or fish would be delicious in this dish – and if they are left overs this meal is just as quick!  I’d recommend adding the meat just after the Zucchini is placed in the pan. No meat? How about some shredded Parmesan or Romano? Don’t be afraid to add something to this recipe!


p.s. Added to the Real Food Forager’s Fat Tuesday Recipe roundup.



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