Mommy, You Should Write A Book!

by holli on December 13, 2015

At dinner this evening, my daughter said I should write a book called “The Mother’s Story,” so I could share the ways I’ve learned to be a mother for her when she grows up. She is seven, and doesn’t really understand that Motherhood feels like an evolving series of tests. Or that I don’t have any qualifications except experience behind me.

I like to think of this blog as such a thing where someday my kids can look back and have my recipes, and learn a bit more about me…which made me realize that I do love to write, but life has a way of keeping me from it.

My last post was more controversial than I imagined, and it sort of stung. It stung in the way that a bee sting teaches you to treat bees with caution. And so it feels with writing here in a public place, I’m not sure how honest and true to write anymore. I feel compelled to write from the heart at times, and at others because I have a passion for the truth and a deep desire for some of my story to be a branch to let other’s know they are not alone. That is the power stories hold: to help each other through this journey called life. It’s crazy and wonderful, but often we feel like we’re the only ones living our story. I think the truth is that many of us are walking along in tandem, or only a few paces behind or ahead of each other. So, our stories can give us hope and strength to keep moving forward…

There are certain bloggers who have been pivotal in my own path. With this being the month of giving and gratitude, I knew I had to make time to write again. While I am writing directly from the heart and looking back with gratitude, I want to share those with you so that you may find others whose stories can be a beacon for you too:

Chris Guillebeau – He first caught my attention with his book, The Art of Nonconformity. I couldn’t put that book down! In between breastfeeding, changing diapers, cleaning, cooking and putting kids to bed, I read the book within 24 hours. What I needed to hear at that moment was the idea that there is no right way to live life, and that you can make it despite your circumstances. By making it, I mean, living the life you want instead of thinking you must follow part A to get to part B, etc.

Lisa Jo Baker – I found her through a photographer friend, a Mommy/Faith blog. From a Christian perspective, she shares about motherhood, real struggles and how her faith grounds her. Instead of the traditional Bible quotes, she shares the compassion and love that it encourages. The way she weaves the unglamorous yet beautiful moments of every day living has always made me feel grounded. When I’m having a bad parenting day, I go read her blog. There’s always a latest post that I needed to read.

Michael Nobbs – Michael’s blog, Sustainably Creative, was one of the first blogs I followed, because though our lives are dramatically different, we share the same constrictions of very little time for creative endeavors. His “One Thing Today” podcasts helped me jump back into my love of photography. When I thought I didn’t have time for my art, this helped me realize I could dedicate 20 minutes per day to doing something, whether drawing, photography or simply jotting down notes for an idea.

Seattle Seedling – Stacy is a charming, fun, creative Seattle woman who inspired me to get gardening in any space I could find. Before we could be accepted into our P-Patch (long wait list), I found a friend who let me grow vegetables in part of her garden. Stacy’s blog posts helped me learn how to maximize my time, and her creative posts encouraged me to keep making time for my own projects. While I did make the difficult decision to take a break from gardening in the P-Patch this year, I continue to be inspired by Stacy’s passion for gardening and living life to the fullest.


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