Kaarisa’s Palette: Dutch Baby Recipe

by holli on June 16, 2017

Once your oven is on, fill it.

Kaarisa’s Dutch Baby duo recipe inspiration.

2 is better than one!

Dutch baby is easy to make and bake,  2 Lodge Logic 10 inch skillets are used side by side. Once your oven is on fill it. The 10 inch is a single serving for an adult. Top it hot with whatever you want. Sausage, lemon, sugar dusting or bacon and jam.


Dutch Baby Recipe by Kaarisa Karlten, a.k.a Grandma K:

Place your oven rack into the middle of the oven and turn the oven on to 425  BAKE
Place 3 tablespoon butter into an oven prof skillet, place on stove top, with medium heat for the butter to melt.
As the butter is melting in the skillet,
use a mixing bowl to whisk together 3 large eggs
along with a half cup flour,
and half cup milk,
once combined thoroughly, pour into skillet of melted butter.
at once, place skillet into oven.
set timer for 20 minutes.
Whilst Dutch baby is baking, wash mixing bowl and whisk.

Make a topping for the Dutch Baby.
Lemon Zest along with powdered sugar is delightfully fresh.
Fresh berries also make for a excellent topping.
Maple syrup and butter or sour cream is one of my favorites.
You could serve with ham and apple sauce if you want.
It is really up to you.

Once done, the dutch Baby will be puffed up and showy.
The two skillet Dutch Babies pictured are thinner because I split the batter into two. Because the batter was split, the time for cooking was cut to 10 minutes.

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