Handy Tip: Stink proof your kitchen compost.

by holli on September 21, 2011

There are many things I come accross in life that I find helpful and worthy to share. Sometimes I turn them into a blog post, other times they just sit around as an idea that I remember to share in person with a few people. One thing I want to do here on Scratch Treehouse is share them with you, dear readers. But, I realize you might not know what a “handy tip” is – so here is an example:

Stink-proofing your kitchen compost

Keep Compost in a sealed container.

We keep our compost in a large Tupperware bowl, in the refrigerator. We fill it up about every 2-3 days depending on how much produce we’re eating. Keeping it sealed and cold, it never stinks up our kitchen.

I’m sure you could use some other sealed container, it doesn’t have to be Tupperware brand.

Do you have a tip about composting to share?

Truly, Holli

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