Gardening and children: A little inspiration

by holli on July 8, 2013

Sometimes I need a little encouragement and inspiration in my Homemaking journey. I was asked last week what job I have, and I answered, “I’m a Homemaker, so technically I don’t have a job (as far as the IRS is concerned).” The truth is that I have a 24 hour-7 days a week job! It’s an honor, really, and while I feel that way at the bottom of my heart, I need some help to keep up with my aspirations.

One of the main areas I need to keep pushing myself is with gardening. I want to grow more food to feed our family. And, I’m grateful for a P-Patch program that Seattle offers so that I have some room to do it, but I’m still riddled with guilt to keep up, to do more, grow more. But, I have these amazing little people who need my attention to help grow too, and that only leaves me with a few hours a week to dig in the soil.

So, it’s really encouraging to read about a Mommy Gardener who juggles too, because from all online appearances I assumed she was a rock star in every way, like magazine cover ready. Shout out to NW Edibles for this: Gardening with Children!

And, while I don’t have a traditional yard to utilize, it’s always inspiring to see how someone else is using theirs to grow food for themselves and their community. Stacy at Seattle Seedling is a single woman who is simply amazing in how she has pursued her passion for eating local and inspiring others to do it too: A Gardening Story🙂

Getting more local myself, I found the White Center Nursery, Village Green Perennial Nursery. At first I was reluctant to go there since it’s a home based business – literally in the owner’s back yard, but once I did, I was hooked. The staff and owner have been incredibly helpful to answer any and all questions I’ve had this past year.

The space is a wonderland where my children want to stay and play for hours, and I’ve even used it as a location for a photo-shoot.

A perfect setting for a fairy tail adventure.

A perfect setting for a fairy tale adventure.

This led me to volunteer for this year’s Village Green Tour of Gardens – a free tour of gardens in White Center! I’ve photographed half the gardens for “sneak peek” photos on the event’s Facebook Page. And, I’m bummed I’ll be busy during the tour at the Alki Art Fair selling my nature photographs, because I am certain the other 5 gardens are just as amazing. There’s nothing like walking through another person’s garden to see what is possible. Each garden is as unique as the gardeners themselves.

If you need some inspiration, go to the Village Green Tour of Gardens July 20th!

xo, Holli

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Stacy July 8, 2013 at 8:58 pm

It takes a village! A little inspiration and encouragement go a long way with me too! You DO have a job! An honorable one at that! So excited to see you tomorrow!


holli July 8, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Thank you for doing your part in the “village” – I’m excited to learn from you:)


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