An Angry Birds Party: Four Years

by holli on May 1, 2012

I cannot believe my daughter is 4-years-old. The day she was born is still fresh in my memory with only the intensity fading away like the edges of a well read book. This age for me marks the first birthday I can remember vividly.


Mommy and Me at my 4th Birthday party.

When I was turning 4, I remember the excitement I had when my  Mom filled our apartment living room ceiling with red balloons. I was delighted! I don’t remember who all came to the party, but I can still feel the sinking disappointment I had when my Mom and Dad were arguing in the kitchen. This was my birthday. I thought to myself, “Why can’t they stop fighting on MY birthday?!” The truth is that they had always fought, only reaching some level of maturity in their divorced relationship when I was a teen. So, for my daughter, I had some sort of deep desire to give her the BEST birthday I could possibly give.

Thankfully, my husband and I are married and know how to settle our disagreements in a more mature manner (not saying tense words don’t leave our lips). But, we both desire to give our kids the very best we can together.


The Birthday Princess!

As our daughter reached 3-years-old, she became more aware of expressing what she desires. She knows parties include cake, presents and fun. She was also introduced to the game: Angry Birds. Her older brother became obsessed with it. And, just like a little sister would, she has become obsessed too. He declared he wanted and Angry Bird Birthday and so she wanted and Angry Bird Birthday. So, I was going to give her exactly that.

And with a large extended family, there are two of my cousins who have had babies in the same week. So, we were going to have a triple Birthday Party. I decided that we’d do 2 parties. One for my daughter’s friends and some family, and another with the co-birthday kids. Lesson learned: 2 parties in one day is not okay. We had a blast, but I felt almost hung over the next day. It didn’t help that I was up until after 2am getting the cake pops ready (note to self: GF and Egg Free cake is a bit too tender for Fondant coating).


Party Details:

Angry Bird Balloons!

party favors – I decided to make Angry Bird Balloons as party favors (because all kids love balloons).

games – I realized we could replicate the Angry Birds game in real life: I used old boxes as stacking peices, and gathered up our 5 Angry Bird plushies. We stacked up the boxes and had the kids throw the Angry Birds out to knock them down. At party #2 my brilliant younger cousins rigged up a sling shot. It was so much more fun that way – even a great aunt got into the game!

cake – We made GF and Egg Free Cake Pops, because I knew my son would want one of them over cake. I also made a classic white cake as a “nest” with fondant eggs. My cousin made a super fun Angry Bird Cake with a scene.

The Angry Birds home made game.

Honestly, I was feeling stressed for party number 2. I was exhausted, and just as we were loading up into the car, the Cake nest got tiled and messed up. So, I was grumbling to my husband and brother (who helped load up), and my brother says to me, “It doesn’t matter. It’s just cake.” I snapped back, “Have you ever made a cake? Do you know how hard I worked on this?”

Then we drove off to the party location, and I felt the pangs of guilt rising. He was right. And you know what? At the end of the day, all my daughter wanted to do was eat cake and have me push her on the swing set – requesting “under dog” pushes while she made her Angry Bird noises.

Getting ready...

Underdog push!

happy birthday girl! Thanks to Emily H. for snapping these:)

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