Super happy you’ve decided to stop by Scratch Tree House.  I love having people over to my home for a delicious made from scratch meal, conversation and likely playing on the floor with kids. We’d likely talk about why we started changing how we eat, or my favorite new recipe. Instead, let me introduce myself a bit here:

I am Holli with an i –  I started to pursue my passions for food and Photography over at my other blog, holliwithani, and then decided they needed their own special space, so I created Scratch Treehouse.

My family by Holli Margell

Who: I am a Mom, Seattle Native, and photographer.

My past is a mosaic of working for small businesses, a start-up, teaching, photography, landscaping and writing. Today, I am grateful for all that I’ve learned along the way and find those skills serving my role of Home Maker.  I am surprised by how much social prejudice awaits – comments and confused looks by those I meet (why you’re a Home Maker in the Middle Class without religious conviction to do so is not expected in my community). So, here I am, taking pride in the under appreciated art of Home Making.

What: This is my place for sharing what I am learning as I strive to make things from scratch and learn about the best way to nourish my family.

Once we all fit into a tree! Photo by Steven Margell

Where: We live in the “poverty gulch” of the West Seattle peninsula (Seattle) – an ethnically and economically diverse place. We love being close to the city and the plethora of trails, woods and green spaces.

Why: Honestly, I learn best when I can share it with others. My mom is the only one I call regularly to talk about recipes I’ve created or books I’ve read in the natural health. But, I’ve found by blogging and reading other blogs, I have a whole community to learn from and share with – hopefully this can grow with you!

I have a dream…

I dream of a day when the poor overworked parents of American don’t feel like they have no choice but use Drive-thrus for Dinner. A day when kids choose Carrots over Cheetos. A day when Childhood Obesity and Diabetes are our national forecast-ed doom is history. Theses are big things that overwhelm me when I think about them too long, but they fuel my desire to live my life the way I do. It makes me try harder when my kids refuse to eat their vegetables, and cry out for Pizza (we have discovered an easy Pizza dough recipe and make it from scratch now).

My dream for Scratch Tree House is to inspire and encourage others to try to make things themselves – from recipes to bunk beds to Christmas Ornaments. Many things seem old fashioned, and have become “lost arts” but are really a great way to slow down and savor the little things in life.

I hope to ignite a spark of curiosity in you to try making something from scratch, and the confidence that if I can do it, so can you!






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