Parenting is a roller coaster

by holli on May 21, 2012

For all the the triumphs I have experienced as a parent, I still get that crazy sensation in my stomach like riding a roller coaster. On some days, there are unexpected highs and lows. Thursday was one of those days.

My daughter's days are spent in dress up and exploration.

My daughter had her annual exam with our family doctor. She is perfectly healthy and growing, which I already knew. But then there were the questions I’ve heard about: What is your favorite food? Do you wear a helmet when you ride your scooter? Do you wear a seat belt?

We have had the same doctor since before my daughter was born. She and I both respect each other and I value her opinion. This was the first time she asked my daughter questions, instead of me, and I realized that’s because my daughter is old enough to answer them herself. But, with that first question, I braced myself, because she has been begging every day since her birthday for more cake (“I am STARVING for CAKE!” she’ll plead). I have heard of friends coaching their kids to answer this one question with healthy answers. So, what is my daughter’s favorite foods?

“I like Zucchini, Broccoli, Fish and Rice,” was her reply. I just smiled. The doctor said something like, “Wow, I am impressed.” I felt myself feeling glee, then remembered that this has been a long hard road of over a year to get the whole family eating more vegetables.

. . . . . . . .

Later that same afternoon, I dragged both kids into a local Bicycle and Skate shop. As volunteer for a local festival, I had the task of collecting applications and sponsorships from busy business owners. My son was well behaved, and my daughter instantly wanted my attention the entire time.

There was  pink bicycle up high for all to see. It had flowers painted on it, a white basket on the front, pink and white streamers and a bell. “I want that one!” my daughter exclaimed loud and clear. I had already explained to both kids that we just needed to run in and pick up some paperwork. We weren’t going to buy anything. And, we had a fun adventure to go on afterwards.

So, I acknowledged her desire, and reminded her that she had a Dora the Explorer bicycle waiting or her to grow a little bit taller to ride at home (It was a $15 find at Goodwill, never been used). Then, I proceeded to talk to the business owner. Before I knew how it happened, my daughter was lying on the floor next to my feet tugging at my hand begging, “I want that bike! I WANT IT!”

Poof! Down went my feel-good-mom glow from earlier in the day. Yes, my daughter is a real child. Full of passion and not afraid to let EVERYONE know what she wants. And so, I carried her out of the store wondering if we should continue toward our day’s adventure.

. . . . . . .

Village Green Perennial Nursery

Village Green Perennial Nursery is run by a Homeschooling mother. The nursery is like a wonderland located in her own back yard. It is full of unusual plants and shrubs as well as vegetables for your garden. A double city lot, half of it is a trail with wonderful areas to explore. Visiting for the first time last month, I said to the owner, “I have to come back just to play.” She said,  Ok!

My kids love to dress up, and were eager to revisit the nursery. They wanted to dress up for it, and I helped them fulfill that desire by packing said costumes and helping them dress up in the car before entering the nursery. They roamed, played and fed chickens for over an hour. I got my heart full of photography time watching them and capturing the beautiful flora and fauna all around.

You could say the roller coaster day ended well with my stomach at ease. And, this adventure was so fun we’re already planning our next one: where else could a Dinosaur and Fairy Princess prance around Seattle?

A perfect setting for a fairy tail adventure.

The chickens earn their keep: Eggs $5 per dozen

Exploring we will You could say the roller coaster day ended well with my stomach at ease. And, this adventure was so fun we're already planning our next one: where else could a Dinosaur and Fairy Princess prance around Seattle?

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