The White Hair: Change is in the air!

by holli on July 22, 2014

Ready to do the Warrior Dash with my cousin!

Ready to do the Warrior Dash with my cousin!

So, it finally happened. One month before my 32nd birthday, I got my first white hair. I couldn’t quite tell if it was indeed a white hair or just a strand of my brown hair highlighted by he sunshine, so I pulled it out for a close inspection. Sure enough, it’s white.

The funny thing about this white hair, is that I have wished my entire life to have white hair when I’m older. Being a brunette, I never expected to have white hair as it’s usually something blond people get. I assumed I would get grey hair. And, I never expected to get white hair under 40-years-old. You see, both of my parents hair color didn’t age until after 40. I guess I’m just advanced for my age?

While white hair is what I’ve always wanted, it’s a shock to get it now. But, I’m trying to embrace it. I always thought that once I started to look older, I could really start to be myself. I have strong opinions and experiences. People have always told me who I am or what I’m supposed to do. I rarely let those shine.

For example, I was raised to be polite. I never cruse or swear – a result of strict training and example. And, I try my best to filter my thoughts through diplomatic filters. But, no more! I am ready to start being brutally honest. I was looking forward to this time when my appearance would grant me permission to tell it like it is.

And now, I have my second white hair. I’m not going to pull it out. Let them grow! The more I have the more people will think I know what I’m talking about! Right?!

This also heralds a new chapter in my life where I’m reconciling with the fact that I’m older. My youth is waning. And, I’m feeling all of those deferred dreams bubble up and rattle my heart. My heart pushes me to dream, but my brain is seasoned to rationalize and analyze and put those ideas in check with reality of responsibility. I’m in a season of wrestling with these parts of me that want to dare to follow my dreams, and yet fulfill my responsibilities. . .

It’s time to face my fears and do things.

Adam Braun once said,  “When you get out of your comfort zone you start to find out who you really are.”

As luck would have it, I had the chance to do something that makes me afraid. Back in December, a group of my cousins signed up to do the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course race. I hesitantly signed up. I am more of a yoga and dance class girl than athlete. The morning of the race, I woke up an hour before my alarm went off, and I felt SUPER nervous.

Well, guess what? I completed the race in an hour, and felt amazing afterward! I didn’t train except for attending my Zumba classes and doing 5 run/jog/walks for 3 miles. So, I guess I’m stronger than I thought. Perhaps I am a Warrior!

Expect to see me try new things and navigate this new season of life.

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Postcard: Hello, Yakima!

by holli on July 10, 2014

We drive by Yakima on the way to visit my family in Eastern Oregon, and until last weekend, have never ventured far off in the Interstate to actually see the real, non-strip mall Yakima.

It's a big-sky kind of drive through Eastern Washington and Oregon!

It’s a big-sky kind of drive through Eastern Washington and Oregon!

We decided that would change this trip, because we wanted to find a place to eat lunch that wasn’t fast food or Starbucks snacks. Using Yelp reviews, we found one place but it was closed, so we found La Fonda! We were pleasantly surprised to fine a great little Mexican restaurant where four of us ate a full lunch for $25:

Yes, it really has a drive through and a small sit-down diner area!

Yes, it really has a drive through and a small sit-down diner area!

The kids loved the beans, rice and I loved the hand made corn-flour tortillas tacos! They were very friendly and checked to make sure that we wanted Cilantro on our kid’s tacos. Our daughter gave it 5-Stars! And our son said, “It was pretty good.” So, if you’re willing to drive 10 min off the interstate, do it.

And, the vintage lover inside of me spied this little coffee shop down the street, Tom-Tom.  With all of the Native American icon/logo/brand/mascot debates going on every couple of years, I decided to visit because of the name and cute sign. Yes, the building is from the era of drive-ins, so they have a drive through, but if you need a place to sit out of the sun, go inside. They have an assortment of goodies, including to my delight, a gluten and egg free cookie called, “Protein Puck.” We only needed a coffee so I didn’t try one, but did read the ingredients and can say that I would buy one next time we need a snack while driving through.

As for their coffee, it was strong – just the way we like it!

Although controversial, I love the illustration of the Native American.

Although controversial, I love the illustration of the Native American.

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