Words Matter

by holli on October 15, 2014

Words matter. I know I said I was back into blogging about crafts and recipes, but what a week for reflection and reminding me I have to say this. What we say matters more than we often think.

Maybe a bit cheesy, but the sentiment is appreciated.

Maybe a bit cheesy, but the sentiment is appreciated.

When I saw these signs last year while visiting Vashon Island with a friend of mine, I thought they were cheesy, but something about them resonated enough to justify a quick snap shot. The truth is that our words matter. The fact that inspiring quotes and posters have been popular forever, tells me that we want words to matter too.

Honestly, I never really gave it much thought until I had kids. My mom used to say over and over again that our words matter when she’s say, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” So, now that I have young kids who are learning “bad words” and expanding their vocabulary with great interest about words like resources I find myself repeating that concept. Words matter. If you get frustrated and say, “I’m stupid,” it matters. The truth is we believe what we hear from others, and even what we say to ourselves.

So, while I’m not a huge believer in the power of dreaming your destiny, I do believe in words. What we say to others and ourselves matters. You can build bridges or walls with words. You can heal a broken heart or break one with words. You can change your own life with the words you whisper in your thoughts or say to yourself in the mirror:

You can do this.

You got this.

You are good enough.

As we walk through life, let’s take what we need and leave the rest.

Let’s be kind, let’s be honest and let’s be fearless.

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Recipe: Mint + Basil Summer Salad

by holli on October 6, 2014

I know fall is in the air with pumpkin flavored things filling up the grocery stores, but around here in Seattle, summer is lingering.

So, I have one last salad recipe to share that was inspired by the garden and a salad I bought at the Deli a while back. That salad had both Mint and Basil in it and those flavors hit me like a light bulb going off above my head. It was amazing. And then, I found we still had a handful of strawberries waiting to be eaten in the garden and decided to experiment.

Mint+Basil Summer Salad is a party for your taste buds!

Mint+Basil Summer Salad is a party for your taste buds!

Recipe: Mint Basil Summer Salad


4-6 Leaves Green or Bib Lettuce

2 Small Cherry or Yellow Tomatoes

4-6 Strawberries

1/2 A Cucumber

4 Leaves Fresh Basil

4 Leaves Fresh Mint

1 Table Spoon Olive Oil

1/2 Lemon

Salt to taste

Chop of your lettuce and place in a large salad bowl. Cut the strawberries into desired sized and add to bowl. Slice the tomatoes into quarters, then slice the mint and basil leaves and chop up the cucumber then add to the bowl. Next, in a separate mixing cup, squeeze the juice of the half a lemon, add the Olive Oil, salt to taste and blend together with a fork or whisk; drizzle over salad bowl. Toss the salad then serve and enjoy!

Serves 2 full dinner plates or 4 small side plates.


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They Call Me The Skinny Bitch

September 22, 2014

Today I had planned on sharing a new salad recipe. Instead, I’m going to vent a little bit. Ironically, I have to speak about my weight. Salad. Weight. Nice one, life. This weekend was a roller-coaster of celebrating life and celebrating the end of a loved one’s life. On Saturday, we celebrated my brother’s new […]

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Begin Again: Hello, Fall!

September 15, 2014

I took a few weeks break from blogging and am glad that I did. A few personal things took my heart on a roller coaster, and it was great to already be on a break from writing since I found myself dealing with a bit of grief from a friend passing away (still am) and […]

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